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"It has been my pleasure to serve and work alongside Logan LeGrande in ministry. I have had Logan speak at several events with First Priority and our church and he is a clear communicator of the Gospel.  He reaches teens and adults of all ages in his speaking and with his personality. You can hear and see his genuine love for Christ and others in his preaching and presentations. I would highly recommend him for any event or church service to share the love he has for God and seeing people come to know Christ."

-James Cato, First Priority of America


"The Bible says  to trust in the Lord with all your heart. (Proverbs 3:5) This verse describes the ministry of Bro. Logan Legrande. Logan has a heart to reach the lost, a heart to teach the Word of God, but most importantly he has a heart to serve our Lord Jesus Christ. God has incredible things in store for Logan as he continues in his ministry.  I am excited to watch as God’s plan for him unfolds and is revealed.  I pray that Logan will keep his eye on the cross of Jesus, and his heart for the lost. To God be the Glory!"

-Bro Jeremy Kreider, Pastor Of RiverRoad Baptist Church





"Logan LeGrande has inspired me so much in my walk with Christ! I meet Logan about one year ago at a Christian Event! His presentation was outstanding. Logan has done so much in my life to help me through hard times. When I was upset ,because i was losing faith. I contacted Logan and he gave me some scripture and told me that everything happens for a reason and that God will never put more on you then you can handle! At Summer reach he gave his speech about Fishers of Men and it layed my favorite verse in the world "Come, follow me," Jesus said, "and I will send you out to fish for people." I am so glad God allowed me to meet Logan."

-Gage Kelley, Student



"Logan is very grounded in the Word. He is a fantastic 

speaker. I would stongly recommend him for any event."

-Jhan Powers, Event Planner/Teacher

Oak Grove High School



"A word concerning Logan LeGrande... I have know Logan since he was in the early years of his school life. Even as a elementary school student he demonstrated the life of a mature Christian. He has been, what I called, an anointed one or a called one from an early age. He is the genuine thing and would be a tremendous person for other students to meet and to hear his fervor for the Lord. I love this young man and pray for him often. I recommend him to you as one who will both encourage adults to grow closer to the Lord and to push students to make a difference where they are. If you have any questions concerning this young man and his ministry please feel free to call. Bro. Bob Pruett 204-807-1299 or write, 76 Zion Cove Lane, Englewood, Tn. 37329

-Bro. Bob Pruett, Former Minister of Education, First Baptist Church of Pleasant Grove, Alabama




"I got the opportunity to hear Brother Logan LeGrande speak at our church. I was blown away at the anointing this young man has on him. Logan brought the fire of God in his message. It is a blessing to see the way God uses him. I got a renewing that night. If you want to see how God is moving in our younger generation and want to see a movement started among your youth group I recommend inviting Logan to speak at your church or church event. I'm interested in seeing what else God has in store for this young man. I know I'm gonna continue to keep in touch with him. I praise God for my brother and the boldness of his walk in Christ."

-Rev. Timothy ChristopherThe Circle of Life Worship Center in Hokes Bluff, AL




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