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Our Founder & Director 

Logan LeGrande, in partnership with his wife Brittany, takes on the role of Executive Directors at Marked For Life Ministries. With over a decade of experience in ministry spanning 11 years, Logan's proficiency in pastoral care and dedication to local church service radiate brightly. His unyielding commitment to uplift marginalized individuals has led to the establishment of a diverse range of services in DeKalb County, addressing both physical and spiritual crises faced by those in poverty. Logan's mission is rooted in the desire to restore dignity, foster healing, and unite the local community under the banner of divine glory.

Growing up, Logan keenly recognized the necessity for services like Marked For Life and, in 2011, he promptly began aiding those in need. Following years of service in Birmingham, Alabama, Logan relocated to rural North Alabama to extend his support to the underserved community of DeKalb County.

Logan holds multiple certificates in pastoral counseling, crisis intervention, and addiction services, embodying his commitment to holistic transformation.

Drawing from over 11 years of ministry involvement, Logan's aspirations have always revolved around assisting his neighbors in need. This journey has driven him to spearhead an array of services in DeKalb County, providing both physical and spiritual crisis care. His heart's mission centers on infusing dignity into every individual's experience, striving for complete restoration and healing. Throughout these efforts, the overarching goal remains the unification of the local community while magnifying divine reverence.

In his role as the Founding Director of Marked For Life Ministries, Logan's daily commitment shines through. In 2021 alone, MFL responded to over 5,100 crisis phone calls, delivered 3,600 hot meals, and assisted more than 300 neighbors in their pursuit of self-sufficiency. This impactful work is made achievable through partnerships with individuals who share the vision and passion for nurturing ministry.

Beyond The Hope Center, Logan dedicates his time to his family,  advocating for neighbors in need, and cultivating robust community connections. This dual focus on direct assistance and community-building underscores Logan's unwavering commitment to holistic transformation and the betterment of lives.

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