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Marked For Life Ministries Hope Center: Nurturing Hope and Restoration

In the heart of DeKalb County, the Marked For Life Ministries Hope Center stands as a beacon of hope and restoration. Our locally focused program is a haven, offering spiritual, emotional, and physical support to residents in need. From nourishing meals and clothing assistance to life skills training, job resources, and spiritual discipleship, we extend a helping hand to uplift lives.

At the core of our mission lies an unwavering faith in the transformative power of hope. This hope is the compass guiding both individuals and communities toward a brighter future, regardless of life's challenges. It's this belief that infuses every facet of our work.

In the realm of our Crisis Resolution programs, hope takes center stage. We empower those facing homelessness, addiction, and food insecurity with not just practical aid, but also a spark of hope that fuels their journey from despair to empowerment.


Our "empower-through-participation" philosophy is a testament to the enduring strength of hope. By involving individuals in meaningful tasks such as meal preparation, clothing organization, and collaboration with community partners, we address immediate needs while nurturing purpose and potential. Each small effort undertaken becomes a stepping stone towards a more promising tomorrow.

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Furthermore, hope is the driving force behind our efforts to break the cycle of chronic poverty. Whether it's motivating partners to earn their needs or setting goals, we're igniting a fire of belief in their own capabilities. This act of challenging adversity is, at its core, an act of infusing hope.

Ultimately, hope is a force that transcends challenges, propelling individuals to envision a better life, communities to unite in support, and society to evolve towards compassion and equity. Through our endeavors, we don't just offer practical assistance; we're ambassadors of hope, illuminating pathways towards resilience, empowerment, and the realization of dreams. This is the essence of the Marked For Life Ministries Hope Center.



Clothed In Hope

Clothed in Hope provides gently used clothing to those in need of items. We aspire to create a shopping experience filled with dignity for each client. We believe we are doing more than giving clothes to a person in need; we are helping them believe there is Hope for them and their future. 


Fed By Love

Our Fed By Love our food ministry, is dedicated to providing quality items to clients in need of food. Each client in need gets to shop and receive the items needed most in their household. We have carefully crafted the shopping experience to encourage clients that poverty doesn't have to last forever. 


Care Room

Our care room is to guide clients in need of assistance. Every client is partnered with a Care-Coordinator who helps coach their restoration process and guide them to everyday life. This approach helps break the cycle of poverty and launch clients into society with a mind of hope. 


Resource Room

Our Resource Room is the core resource to help clients back on their feet. This program provides the next steps to many in need by providing: financial classes, career procurement, resume writing, GED classes, and other essential needs. 

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Other Practical Services 

  • Hygiene products

  • Shower Services

  • Laundry Services

  • Job procurement

  • Career Coaching

  • Education assistance

  • Faith based guidance

  • Haircuts each month

  • Clothing assistance

  • Food assistance

  • Housing application assistance

  • State ID, and birth certificate assistance

  • Referrals for mental health treatment

  • Referrals for addiction treatment

  • Referrals for Transportation

  • Center Store with new items that can be purchased with points earned by program participation.



MONDAY              10AM-4PM 

TUESDAY             10AM-4PM 

WEDNESDAY       10AM-2PM   

THURSDAY          10AM-4PM 



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