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Marked For Life Ministries to provide Emergency Warming Station in Fort Payne

In preparation for the upcoming cold weather, Marked For Life Ministries has partnered up with The City of Fort Payne and the DeKalb County Emergency Management Agency to provide a warming station for those in need of warmth.

The emergency warming station will be available beginning Friday afternoon and will offer food and warmth to anyone who needs it.

Logan LeGrande, Executive Director of Marked For Life Ministries says they are happy to help out their neighbors during this time of need. "We want people to know that we're here for them," said LeGrande. "No one should have to suffer through this cold weather alone, especially on a holiday weekend."

To receive information, neighbors in need of shelter should contact the Marked For Life Ministries crisis line, call 888.789.4673. Marked For Life is requesting the community to step up, as volunteers are greatly needed to staff the warming station.

Marked For Life Ministries urgently needs the community's help as they respond to shelter needs in the wake of a severe weather event.

Neighboring communities, please take note - if you or someone you know needs assistance, contact the crisis line 888.789.4673 established by the ministry. Furthermore, members of local neighborhoods are encouraged to lend a hand and become volunteers for the warming station effort. Now is your chance to be compassionate and make a difference in the lives of those around you! Please join Marked For Life Ministries to provide hope and help during this time of need.

For more information, call the 24/7 Hotline at 888.789.4673.

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