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Stories of Transformation

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Elizabeth // My testimony



When I joined Marked For Life my life was being tormented by fear, anger, and depression. I have always been told I was called, but the attacks of the enemy made the path to breakthrough seem blurry. 


Marked For Life Ministries has impacted my life immensely. I would not be who I am without this ministry. They are a family filled with compassion, love, and understanding.


I am so thankful God sent MFLM to help me grow. My life has been redeemed. Now I am bolder in my giftings, I am confident in my calling, and I am committed to follow Jesus. 

Katherine // My testimony


My life was bitter and broken. The life I lived completely miserable. The enemy used me to bring others down by bullying and judging them, and the worst part was it made me feel good about myself. After what seemed like a lifetime God rescued me. God used MFLM to help me find unexplainable joy in Him. 


One night during worship God laid His love heavily on my heart and that’s when I re-dedicated myself to Him.


After a year of God equipping me and through mentorship, He led me into full-time ministry with MFL. I have gotten closer to God than I ever thought possible, He speaks to me on a daily basis, as I with Him. To this day I have been dedicated to Christ for 2 years, He has granted me ordination and an amazing covering under Marked For Life.


God rescued me and is still doing miracles in and around my life.

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Ethan // My testimony


I grew up in church. I thought my relationship with God was strong, the truth is I was deep in denial. My doubts had grown to an uncontrollable place to where I could not see who God truly was in my life. The enemy had me confused to claim myself as an agnostic, and my temptation of the flesh brought shame and guilt.


Because of Jesus, my life has been restored. God spoke to me and told me to go through counseling and mentorship with MFLM. I was able to truly understand my issues and how God could completely set me free. Today I walk free of doubt, guilt, and shame.

A Story of Redemption
Marked For Life Ministries

A Story of Redemption

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