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Love Night To Bring Dignity to Single Moms—A Night of Celebration and Support. 💕

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Sponsor a Single Mom
and Make a Difference.

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Single mothers are often faced with the task of raising children on their own. This can be especially difficult during special occasions, such as Valentine's Day. By sacrificing so much for their families, single moms serve as an example of strength and courage in our society.


On Friday, February 17, 2023, Marked For Life Ministries will host its third annual Valentine's event 'Love Night' in Fort Payne, AL. This event is aimed to bring Hope through an unforgettable evening of pampering for these heroic women! Marked For Life will provide child care so that moms can relax while they enjoy professional pampering with hair and makeup services. A luxurious limousine ride followed by a night of fine dining - all to restore dignity and provide hope.



Since its inception in 2021, Love Night has been a much-needed event for the DeKalb County community. Single mothers often feel alone and unsupported, but this night provides them with an opportunity to come together and celebrate their accomplishments. "We believe single moms are heroes and we want these moms to know that they are loved," says Executive Director Logan LeGrande. "They are not forgotten." 


The goal of Love Night is simple: to show single mothers that they are not alone. The event offers a chance for them to connect with other people who have gone through similar experiences and receive support from those who care about them in a luxurious dignified atmosphere.


Registration has already filled up with single mothers in need, and the ministry is now turning to our community for assistance. As LeGrande attested, “This is a phenomenal opportunity to profoundly influence the life of a single mom.”



Marked for Life Ministries is urging the community to take part in sponsoring single mothers and their families. At no cost to them, it only takes $50 from each sponsor to provide childcare, pampering services, and a meal for these moms and their children. Let's work together in making sure that every mother gets the support they deserve!

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Sponsor a Single Mom
and Make a Difference.

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