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6 Ways To Help The Homeless This Winter

When the temperature begins to drop, and you turn the heat on in your home, many are left without that option. What are the best ways to help the homeless? Money? Food? Care bags? Sometimes the smallest actions can go a long way.

Here's a list of six ways to help the homeless this winter.

  1. Develop lists of shelters – Carry a card that lists local shelters so you can hand them out to the homeless. The best way to find a list of shelters is through google.

  2. Donate clothes, especially socks. -Shelters are always in need of new and lightly used clothes, primarily personal hygiene items and socks. Share on social media that you’re making the donation and offer to bring over any items that others can donate.

  3. Make care packages, including gloves, hand warmers, chapstick, dental products, and other items. Distribute them yourself or give them to an organization that goes into the community.

  4. Donate Funds - Find a Non-Profit that works with the homeless in your community and donate financially to the cause of homelessness.

  5. Volunteer - Get involved with an organization by volunteering where help is needed the most. You can find volunteer opportunities on most organization websites.

  6. Pray for your homeless neighbors. - You can pray by yourself or among friends and family. Pray that their physical needs are met. But likewise, pray for their emotional and spiritual needs. Pray that they have the urge to join a recovery program and seek the help they need.

Marked For Life Ministries works one-on-one in communities to provide supplies to the hurting. Not only do we distribute supplies to those in need, we minister with a trained evangelistic team who prays and presents The Gospel with every person who receives supplies. Help us help those that are hurting the most.

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