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A New Home For Bobbi And Wayne

When Bobbi and Wayne called us, they were in a place of brokenness—alarmed by homelessness, poverty, and losing their children that they love so dearly. They called The Hope Line looking for answers to their immediate needs but received so much more.

After discovering our Care Coordinator program, they could share the challenges in front of them to move forward. Each appointment, they took a stride into self-sufficiency. Procuring a job and stopping disability, attending meetings, and completing their homework, and now we're so excited to announce their children are back in THEIR NEW HOME.

The Hope Center was able to assist with locating housing to help Bobbi and Wayne receive their children back. "You guys are the only ones who have stuck with us," - Bobbi said. Many of our clients only need an advocate—someone to believe in a purpose and a future for their lives.

We were honored to celebrate with them on their first night reunited in their new home by delivering a special meal on behalf of Marked For Life Ministries.

We are so much more than a center for immediate needs. We are a place for dreaming, believing, and sending to change lives for generations. Thank you for your continued support to help our neighbors like Bobbi and Wayne.

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