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Because of you Randy has HOPE

Through our DELIVER HOPE PROJECT, we often get to see lives changed through the power of giving. We believe that 'God so loved the world that HE GAVE.' Giving opens up the opportunity for transformation and communication.

When we target a city with evangelism, we ask God to highlight specific people to reach. Randy is one of those. When we met, he was hopeless, walking the streets of downtown Birmingham, Alabama, searching for a physical and spiritual need.

Randy received the gift of much-needed supplies because of you and others like you. We provided a backpack including a toothbrush, food, face mask, hand sanitizer, first aid kit, a Bible, and other necessary items. Because of the help of our faithful supporters, we provided more than just a backpack. It was hope, comfort, and the restoration of his dignity.

When we go into a city, we take a trained evangelistic team that starts a Gospel conversation with each recipient. We have seen God do some amazing things through a simple exchange of a bag of supplies. You never know the difference you're making when you choose to give. If you would like to help us reach others like Randy click here.

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