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Everyone deserves a hot meal – Deliver Hope.

The pandemic has severely affected many lives, especially those who cannot even fulfill the necessities of life. Going to sleep with an empty stomach and waking up not knowing how you will eat your next meal is one of the most breaking points in life.

Through the Deliver Hope Project, we aspire to feed as many stomachs as we can with hope and a hot meal. On January 30, we handed out 300 meals. The need is prominent in our community as we originally planned to feed 150 and quickly grew to provide 300 as our line expanded.

The most fun part of all was seeing our neighbors' faces sparkled with joy, and their hearts filled with love and gratitude. This generous act was performed with the help of over 30 volunteers who came forward to serve our community.

Our trained evangelistic team helped distribute meals and make connections for those in need of more in-depth assistance. This approach brought opportunities for prayer and relationship building.

As responsible citizens, we must make it our life's purpose to help those in need. Through the generous act of partners like you, DeKalb County can sleep with a full stomach, and they know where to turn during their time of need.

We thank everyone for their continued support, and we look forward to serving more meals!

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