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Happy Thanksgiving! Baskets of Blessings

Today because of your help, families across DeKalb County will enjoy a full Thanksgiving Meal. How inspiring it is to know that our neighbors will not go hungry on this special holiday.

While we celebrate a day of Thanksgiving, we celebrate our God Given partners like you. This year, we have provided over 2,000 hot meals to feed empty stomachs and bring Hope to our neighbors in need.

1 CHRONICLES 16:34 Oh give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; for His steadfast love endures forever!

Over 1,000 bags of groceries and clothes have been provided to clients of The Hope Center while receiving hands-on discipleship and care. The story's transformation and Hope make it all worth it.

We believe the impossible is made possible in the presence of God, and this year we have seen supernatural miracles happen in our community. Children returned to their parents, applications processed in record times, furniture and household items showing up at the perfect moment, the broken being healed, and the mindset of poverty crushed. This is so much more than physical needs being met; this is generational healing happening in our County and in the lives of our neighbors.

This is all made possible because of your support. Please know you are greatly appreciated, and you are a massive part of the work happening in and through this ministry.

Love & Grace to you on this Thanksgiving Day!

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