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Marked For Life Responds to Alabama Tornados

Our hearts go out to the families in Alabama who were devastated by the powerful tornado. It's our desire to provide whatever relief and encouragement we can during this heartbreaking time.

On Thursday, March 25, Deadly tornadoes ripped across parts of Alabama, leaving behind a 100-mile path of destruction. Storms wreaked havoc across two states, destroying homes, toppling trees, and creating power outages. Five people were killed in Alabama's Calhoun County.

In response, Marked For Life Ministries deployed a response team with physical supplies and spiritual support to Wellington and Ohatchee, Alabama. With our partners' help, we were on the ground early Friday morning with breakfast to feed one hundred first responders. Our team continued relief efforts on Sunday with 50 lunch plates and relief supplies.

Being able to offer encouragement and support during a time of such despair is the heart of our ministry. The ministry of prayer and compassion was a severe need for many impacted by these storms. Often people need a shoulder to lean on more than a physical response. Both physical and spiritual needs are essential. Thank you to everyone who assisted us with reaching our neighbors in need.

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