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At the Marked For Life Ministries Hope Center, we are always looking for opportunities to bring Hope and dignity to those we serve. When we met Shelia, she only had one need on the surface - groceries. Because of life and the challenges it brings, she has been out of work and living from meal to meal.

She walked into our building expecting the same ole experience, A dirty clipboard with paper and a box of dented food.

Instead, She was met with a smile and had the opportunity to share what she was facing. The truth is she needed a lot more than a food box; she needed a friend that would listen with compassion and understand her actual need.

So often, we meet clients who have just been through the motions. They want their independence and only need someone to believe in them. We do believe in them. We know God has a plan for restoration and transformation.

Sheila was able to build a life plan and begin to walk it out. She continues to have guidance from our team while she walks in dignity, knowing this is not the end.

At Marked For Life Ministries, we empower clients to break the cycle of poverty and live a life of freedom. Because of our generous partners, we can continue giving God-Given Hope to every person we serve.

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