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Nothing is impossible with God!

When life brings you to a place of desperation, you will go to whatever measures possible to find a solution. When we met Dylan and Kalei, they were searching, looking for any help they could get to assist them in finding housing, work, and support.

Nothing puts the pressure on like a baby on the way, and their newborn baby girl is due in less than three months. The urgency of getting things together brought a great motivation to both of them to make a better life for generations to come.

The first phone call is often the hardest. When Dylan called The Hope Center, he shared their story—living from couch to couch, trying to make ends meet—swimming as fast as they can to stop drowning.

Immediately our team of ministry support came around them and encouraged them to join our care coordinator program. The next day they began the process of joining our program, and from the moment they walked in the door, they could feel God-Given Hope.

"Any time I call you guys or come in, I immediately feel happy and I know things are going to get better." -Dylan.

While providing spiritual care and counseling a solid path to self-safety was determined. Both Dylan and Kalei began to do the intensive work of finding a new occupation and apartment while preparing for their new child.

After several meetings and lots of faith, Dylan received a new job along with a new apartment for the both of them to have a safe haven. Marked For Life Ministries mobilized available resources and agencies to equip them with furniture, starting deposits, and more throughout the process.

For Dylan and Kalei, this is tremendous. They have received quick results because of the favor of God and concentrated hard work on their future.

At The Marked For Life Ministries Hope Center, we believe nothing is impossible. Poverty is broken, hope is restored, and lives are changed one person at a time.

Thank you for your continued generosity to help our neighbors like Dylan and Kalei.

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