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Rachel and Randal live in Fort Payne. For many months they have been searching for job opportunities to help provide for housing and other life necessities. It seemed like every time a possible opportunity came up, it would fall through. They never had the right supplies or experience.

Their struggle continued; the lack of support from family and community careers enabled a never-ending cycle. When they shared their battle with others, someone recommended The Hope Line.

Once Rachel and Randal scheduled an appointment with The Hope Center, we understood their desperate need for work. They finally found a job and only needed one thing. Boots!! Their Care Coordinator was so excited for this significant step of success, so we worked quickly to meet their practical need while encouraging them along their walk with Christ.

Often our clients need to see that we care before they trust us to share their spiritual needs. God is a giver, and we believe giving opens up the door to share The Gospel. One person at a time.

We're so thankful for our Heros of Hope Partners, who empower us to respond quickly and efficiently to the needs of those we serve.

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