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Radical Love - Serving a Single Mother & Her Newborn

Sarah, already living life as a single mother, knows the pressure to provide for her children. Working hard every day and living in fierce independence has been a consistent lifestyle for quite some time.

When she was asked to adopt a newborn baby, she thought it would be impossible to manage. With many questions and not many answers, she felt like she had the weight of the world on her shoulders.

The weight of questions lingered, and then she remembered her heart to mother children. She couldn't turn down this opportunity to help a child in need.

The burden she still carried led her to The Hope Center, where she was met with radical love and compassion to meet her needs. Her practical needs were met when she needed clothing and food. Then she also decided to enter our Care Coordinator program to help guide her in this new commitment and provide Spiritual Care as she continues on this journey.

After several meetings, other needs were discovered, and Sarah got one of her biggest needs met. A new car seat and a swing for Baby Ian.

Our team was able to select and wrap the gifts. It made Sarah's day and brought dignity to her life. The Hope and Joy on her face was a testament to the God-Given Hope that we get to release every day.

Because of partners like you, we can continue the vital work of showing God-Given Hope to every client we meet. Thank you for your continued support!

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