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For months we have fulfilled the short-term and long-term needs of many people in DeKalb County. We believe God's heart is huge for those in need, and we want to do more than meet the physical demands of those we serve.

Currently, we meet clients all over the county in their homes, in eating establishments, wherever we can find to minister. This approach is fulfilling great things, but we believe we're missing an opportunity.

Everyone needs a safe haven, a place to escape and find hope.

What if we could offer a place of hope. With food, clothing, guidance, job resources, and spiritual breakthrough. It could transform a whole county.

And we know it will. With God's intense grace and favor, we are proud to announce the Marked For Life Ministries Hope Center. We are providing a place of hope for DeKalb County to experience God's neverending hope.

Our team is working around the clock to prepare our building to receive those in need. Please join us in prayer for every heart that will be transformed through the power of God's hope.

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