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Unstoppable Love - 300 Meals to Single Parents

We believe single parents are heroes. They lay down their lives daily to provide for their children and provide a safe haven of peace. Many single parents work multiple jobs to cover the household income. With this in mind, we carry the heart to encourage single families who may feel like they're doing life alone.

The month of February often brings a stigma of loneliness and hopelessness. Because of this, we knew it was the perfect time to show unstoppable love.

We got together with our community partners, churches, businesses, and individuals to form Love Week. Feeding single families for five days simply because we love them, NO STRINGS ATTACHED.

The amount of assistance that came in was incredible. God allowed us to deliver a total of 300 meals over five days.

Our heart was to bring dignity and honor to each family, so we carefully chose each menu item. We believe this encouraged everyone, including the volunteers.

The week began with Barbecue sandwiches along with twice-baked potatoes. Tuesday, we served chicken spaghetti with garlic bread, Wednesday we prepared Loaded Mac and Cheese with Breadsticks, Thursday Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo, and we closed out the week with Filet Mignon, baked potatoes, and chocolate cake.

Every night supporters from around DeKalb County came to prepare, cook, package, and deliver meals. Even when a snowstorm threatened delivery opportunities, we were still able to fulfill this assignment.

We are forever grateful for our partners like you who believe in us to help those in need. Acts of service such as these are making an eternal difference in the lives we serve.


Love week was about more than a week of meals. We aspire to show continuous support to those who are often overlooked. Through our Life Restoration Program, we will continue to follow up and minister to these heroes.

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