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You helped us bring JOY!

Not everyone in this world sleeps with a stomach full of his or her favorite food. Not everyone gets the necessary nutrition to sustain their bodies.

When Life comes to the point where one is out of food, and there is nothing left; no food, no money, that is when one needs the community. It can be difficult and embarrassing to ask for help when life is not going well.

Recently we received a call from Francis, a woman from Collinsville, Alabama. She had reached the end of her pantry food and had nothing to eat.

Francis was hungry and had no one to turn to for help.

When she found out about Marked For Life Ministries and the programs we have to offer, she gave us a call and requested a food box.

We processed her application as usual. While filling out the information, we found out that it was her birthday. Hence, our dedicated team wanted to make her day unique and memorable.

Our devoted team member, Kelli, went to Francis' house with a cake and balloons. Francis was delighted to see us not only bringing a food box, but we were there to celebrate her birthday.

Francis responded with overwhelming joy and thankfulness for us going the extra mile. Sometimes taking the extra step to show God's love is all someone needs to remember they're not alone.

Marked for Life Ministries is not only meeting one's need, but we are aspiring to give more. Our heart is aimed to do more than fulfill the necessary needs of Life, but to be an encouragement and bring dignity to the people we serve. Because of our faithful partners like you, we are empowered to continue this vital ministry work in DeKalb County and abroad.

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