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Providing comprehensive support and empowerment to individuals and families facing adversity through tailored programs, essential resources, and holistic care.


2023 IMPACT 

Meaningful Compassion. Measurable Results


Round-the-Clock Crisis Care Hotline
Downtown Hope Center: Immediate Crisis Support Services
Deliver Hope Projects: Impactful Events for Thanksgiving and Christmas
MFL Medical Center: Chronic Health Management for the Uninsured
Feed DeKalb: Food Rescue Program, Partnering with Local Agencies
Clothed in Hope: Community-Donated Clothing Supply
Hope House: Residential Program for Individuals Facing Chronic Homelessness

Poor Kids Laughing

What We Do


Crisis Services that lead to true change.

By supporting DeKalb County, YOU are making a meaningful contribution to helping those in crisis. In 2022 alone, the 24/7 Crisis Line of Marked For Life Ministries answered over 8,000 calls from residents requiring assistance. Additionally, The Hope Center offers faith-based programs for people struggling with homelessness, addiction, and food insecurity. Our services go beyond just addressing immediate needs; we provide genuine, long-lasting healing by pairing each neighbor with a devoted care team who will work together to rebuild their lives!




Community Engagement that fulfills REAL needs.

With YOUR help, Marked For Life Ministries mobilizes the local church to be the hands and feet of Jesus. By coming together and joining our Deliver Hope projects, it is possible to foster connection within the community while addressing pressing needs. In 2022, our outreach efforts positively impacted over 4,000 DeKalb County residents. 


Deliver Hope Projects are here to provide year-round support and assistance to those who suffer from poverty. We strive to fill the large gaps in needs around DeKalb County so that everyone can have a chance at living with hope.



Committed to filling plates rather than landfills.

Our dedication to preventing food waste has enabled us to form partnerships with local restaurants and retailers through Marked For Life. As a result of these initiatives, food is rescued consistently and used to fill the shelves at our crisis center pantry. Additionally, seven other organizations within our county benefit from this life-saving resource. In 2022, an incredible 50,000 pounds of food was saved from going to waste.

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