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Hope Restored for Single Father - Meet Alex

HOPE CENTER- As a single father, Alex does his best to provide for his daughter. "My daughter is my world, and I would do anything for her." This goal is so close to his heart that it made life difficult when life's challenges arose. Because of employment and lack of daycare, Alex found himself in a difficult place, not being able to fully support his young daughter. He worked hard every day to earn an income and build a support system, but often the grind brought hopelessness.

Thankfully, hope became real when he called the Hope Center. While we provide so many social and practical services, many of our neighbors just want to be heard. Our program is designed to discover reoccurring struggles and bring generational freedom. So when Alex found out about our program, everything changed.

"I am so thankful that I can now provide for my daughter. I now feel like I have someone to talk to, and I know I will have her needs met. "He said, "I've never really felt love like this, and it feels so good to know that someone cares."

Now, Alex is working a full-time job and continuing his path of self-sufficiency through weekly meetings. His hope is to be able to purchase a new home and continue to grow in his relationship with God.

Like many neighbors, Alex needed a lot more than food or clothing. Alex needed a friend, a listening ear, a heart of compassion. Our program is crafted to bring love and dignity at The Marked For Life Hope Center; Life changes happen when God's love is felt through radical giving.

With your help we can continue the very important work of helping neighbors like Alex. Click here for more information about coming a monthly partner. Together we can continue to see lives changed in DeKalb County.

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