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Hopelessness Defeated II Christie's Story

Updated: May 19, 2022

Christie, a veteran, has faced many challenges throughout her life. Despite her trauma and struggles, she continues to rise above the challenge and defeat doubt.

When Christie called The Hope Center, she was desperate for housing. Through our hands-on programs and one-on-one faith-based counseling, she discovered so much more. Like most neighbors, she experienced the true love of God through conversation and connection.

"The Hope Center helped me remember that the Lord has not given up on me." - Christie.

Since visiting The Hope Center, Christie shared she now knows she can get help without being judged or looked down upon.

Now she celebrates her new home and job opportunities as God has opened a special door for a new season in her life. She worked hard to complete the Care Coordinator Program and now lives a life of self-sufficiency.

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