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Meet Gordon - Story of Impact

Gordon grew up in the foster care system from a very young age. Learning to navigate his way of life step by step was always a challenge, but he pushed to overcome it and lived everyday life. Unfortunately, these conditions set Gordon on a challenging path. After bouncing from job to job, he found himself tied up in the grand jury system, and when getting out of jail, he had nowhere to go. Because of the lack of family support and being in an unfamiliar city Gordon felt hopeless. That's when he set up camp behind an abandoned building.

This situation brought a loss of dignity and a lack of safe shelter. Because of past experiences, Gordon had difficulty trusting a stranger and joining a program, as anyone would.

However, Gordon knew that he couldn't stay on the path he was on. He found himself ready for a change in his life. A new direction started for Gordon at The Hope House. They offered him a support system that he never had. Gordon attended courses in discipleship, freedom from addiction, financial aid, financial literacy, life skills, goal setting, and other hands-on services. Marked For Life Ministries provided Gordon access to social programs that helped empower him.

Now Gordon is in permanent housing, has a full-time job, and living a life of complete restoration. His company and coworkers immensely love him, and he is proud to share his story.

Gordon feels that Marked For Life Ministries gave him stronger self-esteem, pride in his accomplishments, and a sense of self-worth. Now he spends his extra time giving back to the community through serving with Marked For Life Deliver Hope Projects.

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