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Children now have HOPE on Christmas

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

This year has been challenging for so many families as we have faced new challenges with the pandemic. God has used your generous support to share His love and meet people’s needs in some remarkable ways.

We knew that we were called to help families this year with Christmas, so we started small; we reached out to our local community resources and sponsored four children in desperate need of Christmas. They had nothing. Helping these kids felt really good; we thought the work was finished.

However, God had a bigger plan.

Within about 24 hours, our phone lines began to fill up with families in need. Some needs were to help with toys on Christmas, and other needs were immediate, like food or shelter. Our team began to work quickly to help every caller possible. We talked, we prayed, we planned.

Our community stepped up to the plate and began to shop, organize and wrap for 30 CHILDREN TO HAVE HOPE ON CHRISTMAS! Because of the help from our generous partners, every child was blessed with toys from their wishlist. The favor continued as Lowes provided every family with a Christmas meal to be delivered with the gifts.

The biggest blessing was seeing the hope on their face and the joy in their eyes when we delivered the food and gifts to each home.

Thank you to every supporter, volunteer, and community partner who made this possible; you are all heroes.

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