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Hope Deliverd through Mega Gas Giveaway

With our nation facing a crisis in record-breaking gasoline prices, many of our neighbors are struggling with high transportation costs to and from work. This growing concern inspired Marked for Life Ministries to embark on Mega Gas Giveaway.

This project, which took place at Fort Payne Foodland on April 2, 2022, distributed $1,000 in gas giveaways, offered free carwash to 77 neighbors and delivered 300 hot meals.

The event was made possible through the collaboration of local organizations and churches. The team included 52 volunteers from 12 local churches.

“We all know how high gas price is right now; we knew we had to do something. We can do so much more when we come together, and today, we saw God do a miracle through the local body.” Director, Logan LeGrande

For more information about Marked for Life Ministries and their locally-focused efforts, visit or call 888-789-4673.

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