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Ramps of Restoration

When we met Shirley and Summer, they were so thankful to have a connection in the community. This mother and daughter both once had healthy jobs and a very busy lifestyle. After facing multiple accidents and surgeries life got hard. While this did not stop them, it did slow them down.

Their older age, decreasing balance, and need for help up the worn steps all took a toll on their bodies. Despite their fierce independence, Shirley and Summer desperately needed help getting in and out of their home with ease.

When Marked For Life Ministries heard of their struggle, YOU made it possible to install a new ramp so they can enter and exit their home without worry. Our community formed a team of heroes who drew out the building plans and made the project come true. Challenging trips up and down their broken steps will no longer burden their daily routine to the store for groceries or a check-up at the doctor. Thank you for your generosity to see this elderly widow and daughter cared for with compassion.

"Thank you; now I don't have to struggle up and down these steps. You guys are a great blessing." - Shirley B.

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