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Stories of Hope II Mayor Brian Baine

The heart of Marked For Life Ministries is simple - To Help The Hurting When They Need it Most. Since 2020 we have served DeKalb County with hands-on locally-focused programs. No matter the day or the hour, a person of love and compassion has been available to be a listening ear for the hurting in our community.

In this video, Mayor Brian Baine of Fort Payne shares his experience with Marked For Life Ministries in the community. When finding a neighbor in need, Mayor Baine immediately contacted The Hope Line for assistance. Over time he has seen the impact of programs that lead to self-sufficiency and had the opportunity to serve at Deliver Hope Projects, where he met the neighbor who he called about several months ago.

"It's amazing to see someone come through the program and then serve in their community. It makes my heart happy to know that Marked For Life is making a difference." said Mayor Baine

We are grateful to know the impact our programs make on DeKalb County one person at a time. Every day lives are changed through the power of God-Given Hope, and we are honored to be considered a place of refuge and resource for our community.

"Organizations like this are needed in DeKalb County, and neighbors need love and care like everyone. People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care, and I believe that's what Marked For Life does for our community."

We're so grateful for our community and the support from local leaders and organizations.

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